Dr. Andreas Kiralp

Picture of Dr. KiralpDr. Andreas Kiralp has been an established orthodontist in Aachen for more than 25 years. He has a strong record of experience in modern orthodontic treatment methods and offers professional consulting as well as a comprehensive range of services.

Dr. Kiralp and his team are always up to date on orthodontic treatment methods through continuous training and learning. Dr. Kiralp is reachable for his patients at any time of day, in case of an emergency – even on the weekends.

In the following you can find a short curriculum vitae of Dr. Andreas Kiralp:

      1961-1975 Attended primary-school and the “Couven-Gymnasium” (high-school) in Aachen
      1981 Graduation in dentistry studies
      1982-1984 Advanced training as Orthodontist in Frankfurt (Dr. W. Klee)
      1984-1986 Assistant physician and from 1985 senior physician at the Department of Orthodontics of the RWTH Aachen (Prof. Dr. Dr. P. Diedrich)
      1985 Recognition as specialized physician in orthodontics
      1986 Established as specialized physician in orthodontics with his own office
      1987 Achievement of PhD
      1994 Study visit in San Diego, USA (Prof. Dr. R. Mc Laughlin)
      1995 Empowerment to train dentists to be specialized physicians in orthodontics
      2001 Certification for the Invisalign treatment method
      2001 User of lingual-therapy treatments method
      2007 Certification for the Incognito treatment method
      2009 Certification for Orthocaps treatment method