Life with fixed Braces

Eating with braces

What can you eat? If you want to get rid of a few pounds the first week with brackets is your chance! The first few days you should only eat soft food. Avoid thick meat, hard bread and raw vegetables. After some time you can eat normally again. You definitely have to protect the device for the time you are wearing brackets.


  • Sticky Food: caramel, chewing gum.


  • Tough food: bread, bagels.
  • Crispy food: popcorn, ice, chips.
  • Hard food: nuts, candy.
  • Cut apples and carrots into small pieces and chew them on your back teeth.

Biting on hard things (for example, pens, fingernails) can loosen the brackets. Loose brackets prolong the treatment period. In case parts are loosened, please immediately call and make an appointment with us. Please bring loosened parts.

General complaints

After insertion of the device general discomfort may occur in the mouth and on the teeth. For three to five days the teeth respond sensitively. It is possible to alleviate the symptoms with an oral rinse with warm salt water. Dissolve one teaspoon of table salt in warm water (250 ml) and vigorously wash through the mouth several times. If the discomfort persists, soft pain killers like aspirin or paracetamol are ingested. The lips, cheeks and tongue may be irritated for one to two weeks until they have become fully accustomed to the surface of the brackets. For the first day we recommend to attach protection wax to the brackets. We will show you how to do that!

Loose teeth

This phenomenon will persist throughout the treatment. Do not worry, this is normal! The teeth have to loosen befor they can be moved. The teeth will later sit firmly in the corrected position.

Brushing your teeth

With fixed braces dental care is even more important. Patients who take inadequate care of their teeth, often have to resort to professional cleaning. In the worst case the fixed braces have to be removed for that. Adult patients who previousl had gum problems should visit the dentist more frequently than usual during orthodontic treatment.

Sports and fixes braces

For contact sports, a mouth protector should be used. In case of facial injuries you have to examine your mouth and braces. If the teeth are loosened or the device is damaged, please call us.

Loose wires and bands

Do not be alarmed if a wire or band is loosened. This happens from time to time. In case of thin wire ends bent out, you can move them back under the main wire with the help of a blunt object (the end of spoon, pen). If the irritation persists, apply wax or wet cotton wool. Call the office as soon as possible. Loose parts should be brought in.