In an emergency it is important to call the office immediately and make an appointment. The number is: 0241/509041.

You will usually get an emergency appointment within 3 days.

Emergencies with removable braces

The braces press on the gums: Take the braces out and make an emergency appointment.

A wire is broken:Take the braces out and make an emergency appointment.

A wire is bent:Take the braces out and make an emergency appointment.

Plastik is broken:in case its only a small corner broken off, you can use the braces, if you are not hurting your tongue. For larger pieces, please call for an emergency appointment.

The bracees don’t fit anymore: make an appointment,we can adjust the brace again.

The bracees have been lost: please make an appointment so we can make an impression for new braces.

Emergencies with fixed braces

The end of the wire stings: Please make an appointment, so we cut the wire and it slide back under the bracket. As first aid use the wax that we gave you. Put a small bead of it on the wire end.

Something has been loosened: Please make an emergency appointment as soon as possible and bring the part that was loosened from the braces. The longer you wait the more likely your teeth will move and the treatment will take longer.

It hurts: It is normal that the teeth hurt after fixed braces have been glued or the arch was changed. This should normally stop after 5-7 days. If the pain persists please make an appointment.

Emergencies with Invisalign

The aligner has a sharp edge: You can smooth out that edge with a nail file easily. If this is not enough, please make an appointment.

The aligner does not fit, or can not be inserted: Keep wearing the old aligner and make an emergency appointment. Bring the aligner that doesn’t fit to the appointment.

The aligner has a small crack: Keep wearing the aligner and make an appointment to which you should bring the actual aligner as well as it predecessor and its succesor (if you already have it).

The aligner is broken: If it is only 1-2 more days prior to switching to the next aligner you can do so. Is it not yet time to switch to the next aligner, please put the predecessing aligner in and arrange an emergency appointment. Please also bring the next aligner if you have it already.

Aligner lost: Please put in in the predecessing aligner and make an appointment.

Emergencies with lingual retainers

Something is loosened: Please do not pull on the wire end. If you have a bracer please tighten it so that the wire end doesn’t bother you anmore. Please make an emergency appointment. It is also possible to fix the wire end on the tooth temporarily with chewing gum.